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H1 B-Trump new proposals

  • Only H1B visa for IT professionals
  • 65 thousand visas per year
  • Opinion reception between December 3- January 2

The US government, led by Donald Trump, who has been working on H1B visa issuance policy reform, has once again stepped forward with new proposals. The latest changes to the rules of the H1B visa policy are made. On Friday, a notice was issued by the new regulations.
The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) said that HS1 visas will be issued only for the highest level of skilled workers and the highest salaries. According to the limit of the Congress decision, foreign workers must follow these rules when the H1B visa is issued.

The announcement was made on the date of the decision of the USCIS to apply for alcohol use of aliens. Congress is currently allowed to give 65,000 visas per year. However, the limit of 20,000 applicants who have masters degree in the US or higher qualifications are exempt from this limit. The US Government has made it clear that people can express their opinion on December 3 to January 2 on a new proposal from the Home Security Department’s 139 page document.

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