Business is booming.

Einstein’s letter of the 20 million!

  • His letter to God-religion is a huge price in an auction

A letter was written by the world famous scientist Einstein. A two-page God Letters on a plain paper is auctioned by Christies Institute in New York in the US. Unprecedentedly 2.89 US dollars (approx Rs 20 crores). He wrote on January 3, 1954, a year before the year. Einstein wrote his ideas and philosophical ideas on the subject of God.

German philosopher Eric Gutkind wrote the book Life, Life – The Biblical Call to Revolt, which reads and Einstein wrote this letter. For me, the word god is an expression. It is derived from human weakness. The Bible says that a collection of popular people should be viewed as an ancient myth. Jewish belief is superstition. The 17th-century Dutch philosopher Baruch Spinoza, who declares that he does not believe in a human form of divine intervention in eternal life, is worshipped by him.

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