Business is booming.

Age seven years … earnings Rs 150 crore!

At least thirty years a person can grow to become a millionaire. But Ryan, a seven-year-old boy from America, earned millions of fans in social media in just over a year, just over Rs 150 crore.

With YouTube Channel…

YouTube Ryan, who currently chooses a revenue source, has used his earnings. In 2015, this youngster launched the YouTube channel titled ‘Ryan Toys Review’. Every day he uploaded videos of little dolls. In a few days, fans have grown up for these videos. Now videos are deducting crores. Ryan Channel is now around the world with over a million followers.

First place in Forbes list

Ryan is ranked first in the list of the world’s highest-earning by YouTube. The famous Forbes Magazine announced the details. Ryan, who ran 8th last year, has doubled his earnings.

Videos with dolls…

Ryan was playing the role of all the girls like the little ones. Ryan plays with the dolls before video cameras. He gives reviews of newly available toys. He explains how they work. There were countless ads coming to see those videos being posted on the channel and millions of them were watching. Ryan’s account reaches the account.

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