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‘Afghan Messi’ at every step

  • Taliban attempts to murder a boy of seven years
  • A family that fled to Kabul with his own life

The boy’s age was seven years old. The name is Murtaza Ahmadi. Argentine football legend Lionel Messi is the life. Messi’s 10th number jersey style. A blue plastic cover was made by the shirt and the name of Messi was given to Murtaza by his brother. With the advent of Murtaza playing football, wearing the shirt and his photos in the media became popular around the world.

That brought him the chance to meet Messi. Murtaza became known as the Messianic Messi after Messi gave him a jersey that he signed. Naturally, the Taliban does not make it to the abdomen. The Taliban tried to end the Murtaza family living in the Zagori district of Ghazni province. Earlier, the Murtaza family escaped to Kabul and killed her. The fear of the Taliban is scared to cross the children. Murtaza mother Mrs Shafiqah Ahmad said that even my child, including Murtaza, is going to go to school.

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