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3D bike … Newest Innovation

The world’s first 3d bike runs on ‘NERA’ road. The German 3D printing giant Bicep and Nouleb jointly designed the bike. 3D technology was first used in the motorcycle division. The name of the bike was also renamed ‘NERA’ with the letters in the New Era(Nera) to mean the beginning of the New Era. Electrical spare parts, except for batteries, are designed with tires, rims, frame and seat all 3D printing technology. The bike weighs about 132 lbs (about 60 kg). Bicycle tires bike speciality. This bike was made in just 12 weeks.

Burpee CEO Stephen Bayer said that the design of bikes in conventional techniques has a very limited range of designers and engineers, and new ideas with 3d printing technology can work. The photos of Nera bike designer Marco Matteo Christophori bike were viral in social media. The bike did not pay much attention to commercial matters as the company was making a clarification on whether it was capable of producing a 3d bike. The company said it was too slow to sell the bike. With the view of the buyers, 3D Bikes will be made in the coming days.

Noulab’s co-founders and MD Daniel Burning said that they are now ready for advertising and will run on this bikes road in the coming days. This 3D printing technology is great enough to reduce the time and cost of bikes in order to produce bikes in small quantities. This model bike has been successful and in the near future, the automobile industry looks to the 3d printing technology.

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